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nature hates me

so this weekend i did another 3-day camping trip. this one was in wilson's promontory, so far south you can see antarctica. right now i'm sore, tired, and my foot is bleeding...here's why

basically, my pack weighed as much as i do. this is because i eat too much, and my food was heavy. so was my tent, my clothes, etc. i also had to bring a towel, because it just made me feel more comfortable. and because a towel is about the most massively useful thing an interstellar hitchhiker can have.

sealer's cove
the walk to sealer's cove was about 10k, mostly through rainforest and swamp. i had to take a little nature pee, and what was next to me? a WOMBAT! so, just for tom, i took a picture of it. wonder what the wombat was thinking, some random person with her pants down taking its photo? it rained for a little bit, but it cleared up by the time we reached the beach. then the hellish part of the trip happened...

the river crossing
to get to the campsite, we had to cross a stream. stream is not a good word for this, because it was high tide and the thing was a river. it was about 10m across, and the water was chest-deep with pretty heavy currents. we all stripped down to underwear and raincoats and waded across, but i slipped and sliced my foot on a rock, and the pain plus my heavy pack made me just tip forward. i got back up, but then the current pulled me back in. so basically, i fell in a river with a heavy pack full of things that ought to be dry. by the time i got out, i was freezing, bleeding, and so hysterical i didn't stop laughing for about an hour and a half. somehow my camera and food were in waterproof bags, so i was lucky about that, but everything else was soaked.

camping for the nite
as soon as our tent was set up, i crawled into my sleeping bag, ate my sammich, and didn't move for the rest of the nite. the next morning i was attacked by parrots who wanted my rice krispie treats. not so pleasant.

waterloo bay
ok, this was gorgeous. the beach was white. pure white, like snow. the hike to it kinda sucked, because there was a bit of mountain climbing and a lot of mud, but it was nice.

oberon beach
day 3 was a 16k walk, so we had to get up at sunrise in order to make it to the carpark by lunchtime. i ran out of normal water, and had to fill up my nalgene at a stream. eww. eww. eww. i survived, though. we made it to the beach and i put on my bathers and did a baywatch run for the water. it was a long run, because oberon beach is super huge.

that's all i can think to write now...i need a nap. i'll edit this later with more details.
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