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that sydney place

just got back from sydney. silly good times with the desi crew and tiff. here's the breakdown:

wake up before sunrise to catch a cab to the airport. am told by airport security that my light purple, plastic, not pointy (size 8) knitting needles are a dangerous weapon. this was not so pleasant, because the inspector totally ripped out a couple rows of my knitting when he took the needles. end up having to check them...how silly is that? i wait around baggage claim looking for purple knitting needles taped together with a checked luggage tag.
arrive in sydney, drop my things at my hostel (yes, i stayed in a hostel. at least it was a nice, clean one) & meet up with everyone at the aquarium. got tickets for a boat cruise that rockets around sydney harbour and stops at all the touristy things, and you can get on and off as you like, because the boat's so fast it'll be back in an hour from any given stop. got to see the opera house, the rocks, the botanical gardens, cockle bay, the bridge, the circular quay. all that jazz. we were told we had to eat lunch at watson's bay, so we hopped down there. fantastic seafood. never had such good squid. took touristy pictures and did the sightseer thing, and then went to king's cross (the red light district) for some thai dinner. took a little walk, checked out the funny names of sex shops (ponky's was exceptionally cool) and then back to the hostels for a semi-early nite. i should note that everyone in my room was german, but none of them spoke english. that was all kinds of interesting, let me tell ya.
were supposed to go on a tour, but the bus broke down, so we ditched it and went to bondi beach. great times, i bought a new bikini & got to test it out while tiff & goy made a big sand ass. i thought it was a sand castle, but when they finished it was just a giant ass. crazy kids. i'm a little but tan, not that you can tell next to my desi friends.
went to coogee beach next for some snacks & shopping, then headed back to the city for dinner at a pub. if you've never eaten at a pub, do it now! it's ridiculously good, and soo cheep. i got a steak and chips (fries) for 5 bucks and a pint for 3. had to grab dessert at this french bakery across the street, and shocked my friends by eating a giant chocolate croissant and then getting a cheese-and-fruit one right after...what can i say, i'm the resident glutton?
went to a dance club after, but the music was le suck, and i was tired after all that sugary dessert. back to the hostel again.
bridge climb (for the girls, goy went to the zoo to see the monkeys and tigers) in the morning, followed by the market (corn on a stick!!!) and some souvenir shopping. i am in awe of how indian girls can bargain...we got tshirts at an overpriced tourist boutique for 7 bucks apiece, when the original tag said 25. this makes me feel mucho better about splurging on that bikini. grabbed some subway, then headed for the train station so we could meet harry's family and have dinner there, but when we called him it turned out he was super ill, and we had to make other plans.
other plans equaled dinner at a posh indian restaurant in darling harbour. delush. i had daal (black lentils) and saffron rice, and then dessert was some gelato from the little place next door. went to see the opera house at nite, and that was our sydney. had to sleep sorta early, cause i had to catch a train to the airport at about 7.

good times. we decided that purvi & goy are 'mom & dad' cause they figured out our tours and train tickets and they were nagging and fighting the whole time. cracked me up. i kinda wish i was going on the rest of holiday with all of them, but i already got my fiji trip booked, and well...it's fiji.
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