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fiji was nice, relaxing times. here's the highlights:

the sun is hot and the ocean is so blue it's like kool-aid. tropical paradise, oh yes. our resort was on its own little island. this was cool because we got to take a wicked boat tour, and were greeted with fun fruity island drinks. it was also nice to walk around barefoot because the ground was sand for most of the place. beachcomber is pretty nice, the island was small enough that we could walk the whole way around in less than half an hour.

we woke up to some drums at about 8am for brekky, which was really yum - pineapple pancakes and fresh fruit - and then went out to tan. for as early as it was, the sun was tres hot, and i got a little burnt. read some trashy lawyer fiction (gotta love john grisham) on the beach, and was generally lazy all day.

the girls and i got insane little tropical drinks with pineapples on the rims of the glasses, and the resort was one where you just charge everything to your room and don't worry about cash til you leave. this is tricky: we noticed that the little fruity island drinks were like $12 each. the bar was also aware that fiji's duty free shops have cheep cheep booze, so they had rules that you couldn't drink your own stuff until the bar closed. we managed to get around this by pouring our alize (this fruity stuff we bought) into our bar glasses and passing them off as drinks from the bar.

island hopping
tuesday we went hopping around all the other little islands. i have bad luck with the little boats, because everyone else was dry while i got so splashed with waves that the guy driving the boat gave me a raincoat. none of my friends really felt like switching seats...wonder why! we went to castaway island and a couple others. if i ever go back to fiji, i'm staying on plantation island. it is soo luxe, and the resort is bigger than beachcomber. probly cause the island is way bigger, but it had more things to do. we went snorkeling on a reef on the way back, good times. i took my little underwater camera and got some pics of the cool fishies and the neon blue starfish.

wednesday we went to the mainland and walked about downtown nadi. our cab driver was hilarious, and we had to make him pull over so sarah could pee. oops. then he almost crashed into a bus while passing in the wrong lane, but pulled this wicked stunt driving move and got us back into our lane. and our hour-long cab ride plus the return trip (he waited for us while we shopped) was like, 15 bucks. noice. we got lunch and then shopped, haley and morgan bought this cute little coconut bra and grass skirt for their niece. i got a tiki mask, because i just needed one really bad. or something.

me and the aussie girls (jade and lizzie) had some kava on wednesday nite. it might be the traditional and ceremonial drink of fiji, but it tastes like dirt water.

the palace
the little island huts are called bures, and bure #6 (aka the palace) was the place to be. i met more aussies and some brazilians, and hilarity ensued. there was a crab race at the bar, and a bula dance (kinda like a drunk macarena) and a cover band that played island versions of random songs (like 'knockin on heaven's door'). i went to bed a little early, cause getting up at 8am every day when it's 6am melbs time is killer. the next day we found the brazilians on the beach - waking up face down in the sand at lunchtime.

more sunburn
i got a little lobster-ish, but lizzie was fried. the poor girl fell asleep tanning, and got horribly burnt. she kept appearing at the bar for milkshakes and then going back to hibernate in her room away from the scorching sun.

snorkel fun
we decided to snorkel near the beach on friday, and there was this girl who came with us who was - no joke - afraid of fish. we got about 7 meters out and were in waist-deep water, and she starts screaming and thrashing around like she's drowning. we all thought she saw a shark or a jellyfish...nope. she was scared of the little rainbow striped fishies. so much for her going snorkeling. i got to see a cool little reef and so many kinds of tropical fish it was nuts. total jacques cousteau moment. ellen, you would love it, i'm getting my film developed soon.

time to leave
the last nite, we went bed a little earlier than the people who weren't leaving because we had to take a boat to the airport early in the morning. i was trying to sleep when the funniest scene played out across the room between one of the drunk american girls and this aussie guy she'd hooked up with that she met the day before.
girl: oh, i'm so sad! i'm leaving tomorrow.
guy: *burps*
girl: are you going to miss me? i am going to miss you soooo much!
guy: um...
girl: tell me you'll miss me.
guy: you got a great ass on ya.
girl: i think we had such a special time together! i am going to think about you everrrry day.
guy: *yawns*
girl: well, aren't you going to miss me lots?
guy: *silent*
girl: i think i'm in love with you! i'll have to see you again!
guy: yea, i'm going back to the bar
girl: i need your address so we can visit each other!
guy: *has already left for the bar, sees another girl in the doorway and slaps her ass*

did i mention that she had met him the day before? yeah.

so that was fiji. the trip home sucked because our flight got delayed and customs took a while, but it was a nice little vacay! now i'm back in melbs and it's time to be serious-ish again. can't wait for the semester to end...papers suck!
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